Spicing up Mason Jars

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Who knew that cupcake liners could be so versatile and easy to use. All it took was cupcake liners, paper straws, cardstock, and mason jars to make these cute and whimsical pom-pom’s for your paper straws with decorated mason jars.


Fringe Pom-Pom Paper Straws:

First I started out with 4 cupcake liners. I took two and flattened them and then folded them into quarters.



Then I cut the the tip very small to make the hole for the straw and then cut the liner to make the fringe.



I repeated with the other two liners and then continued on the to the lime green liners.



Then you just slip the paper straws through the hole you cut in the cupcake liners.



Decorated mason Jars:


For decorating the mason jars I just took some matching cardstock and cut it to the size of the mason jars I had on hand.


I stamped the cardstock with a banner stamp that I had on hand and then stamped one in the center with “Soiree”.


Then I wrapped it around the mason jar and glued the flaps together for it to stay in place.



After that you fill your mason jar up with your choice of beverage stick your straw in and your ready to go! A cheap, easy and very cute way to really spice up a boring mason jar!



The paper straws and cupcake liners are from Craftsbyjilly and can be purchased here www.etsy.com/shop/craftsbyjilly and here is Craftsbyjilly Facebook www.facebook.com/craftsbyjilly

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