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Its been a while since we have been on here but with starting The Company Boutiques it has taken so much of our time but I think we are at a place where we might be able to handle both.. Well…… Maybe!

So starting 2013 off right I had to make at least one resolution even though we all know it won’t last until even March, let alone all year! I still decided to do make one. I am going to get organized and stay organized. That means every area of my little one bedroom apartment.. I have gotten most of my crafting items organized and put away but the paper work has been my biggest challenge yet.. I hate going through papers, you never know if you need them or if you can just trash it, so just in case I keep EVERYTHING!!,

So my biggest obstacle will be the papers but since it is almost tax season that is what I will start with I have a box of full of receipts and invoices.. When I get going on it I will make sure to post pictures of how I sorted it all out..

Here is what I am working with right now!!

First Pile of Nonsense:

Then we come to the boxes of Nonsense which the papers are not organized in there they are thrown in there.

So I will show you my progress through the next few weeks of organizing it.. It will take me at least that long to get it all done.

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