Ways and Recipes of Cooking Fish!

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I don’t necessarily cook fish every Friday, but I do try to have it once a week. It’s very light, simple and so healthy (most of the time). Here are a few ideas for cooking with fish.
Easiest way is with butter, sea salt and lemon, in the oven. This is good mainly for fresh-water fish.


Trout recipe:
It’s also the easiest way to cook when out by the river or camping.


Tilapia fish with butter and lemon:
Other healthy choices include the grill. This just means you have a little fancier cooking method than out in the wild.


Tilapia filets with white wine sauce & Catfish filets with s/p and lemon:
To help prevent fish from falling through the grate, create a foil pan. Use heavy-duty aluminum foil and fold up the sides. This also keeps the juices from dripping down on the fames and prevents flare-ups from the flames.
If you want to go fancy with fish, try a salmon recipe. It’s a sweeter type of fish, and its great with honey!


Glazed Salmon with Honey and Lemon:


See, its great with honey!
Now, if you want to total comfort food, go all out with the fried catfish. Southern style. Yes, I’ll admit I’m from the south, and this is my ultimate comfort food. I let my kids in the kitchen to help with this recipe too.


Fried Catfish recipe:
Make sure you cook cornbread, black-eyed peas and the whole sha-bang with it.


I hope this gave ya’ll [see, southern!] some great ideas for a fish dish! There are so many possibilities as well. If you’ve cooked fish before and it didn’t turn out, I really encourage you to try again. Many times things don’t work out for me, but I always try again. Just be sure to have a frozen pizza ready in case it doesn’t.

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