Monsters keep creeping in your room?

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If your kids wake up scared of monsters I may have an idea for you…

A while back my son was waking us up at night saying he was scared of the monsters in his room. His twilight turtle didn’t seem to help unless we told the monsters to go away and turned his turtle back on.

After we had gone to a medieval fest here my husband was trying to figure out where to put this shield we had gotten him. He then had this FANTASTIC idea. He brought my son in the room and told him his new wooden shield was a monster shield and that by hanging it on his bed it will keep the monsters away. (hubby has great ideas)

We were worried he would try to play with and break it or his bed trying to get it off, so once again hubby’s idea came to the rescue. If he touches the shield then it won’t keep the monsters away, but if he touched it by accident all he had to do was rub the celtic design in a circle one time and it would work again. A year later he has not woke us up about monsters (he has found other things). When my daughter was in his room this week and touched it my son said no, no can’t touch that or it won’t work and he rubbed it to fix it.

So if monsters keep creeping in your kid’s room give this a try or something like it and see if it works!!

This wonderful and great idea was written by Danielle.

Here at Household 6 and Co. the entire time we were reading this we were thinking we have to put this in the military life section because who wasn’t had a child when our spouses have been deployed where the they were scared of the monsters because that spouse wasn’t there. Well here is a solution for that! We love great ideas like this, do you have one? Let us know and we would love to feature you!

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